Ukrainian Intellectuals on Solovki. The Unshot

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Yuriy Shapoval
ISBN 978-617-7023-87-5

Semen Pidhainyi (1907-1965) was a well-known publicist, historian, and public and political figure of the Ukrainian diaspora. A former prisoner of the Solovetsky concentration camps, he was an associate of Ivan Bahrianyi in the struggle against the genocide of his people and one of the organizers of the URDP. The book includes his works: "Ukrainian Intellectuals on Solovki" and "The Unshot" (in two parts). Written truthfully and skillfully, these works expose the criminal policy of the Kremlin adventurers in building a "communist paradise" that turned into a real hell for many nations. The book contains the names of real people who died at the hands of the usurpers.

Hardcover, 328 pages.

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Memoirs and biographies
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