160 Days of Ukrainian People’s Republic

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ISBN 978-617-7755-63-9

This book is about the short but eventful period in the history of Ukraine, from November 20, 1917, till April 29, 1918, during which the first Ukrainian statehood of the twentieth century, the Ukrainian People’s Republic, existed. The publication presents a slightly different from the textbook version of the UPR history as it is based on historical sources. The author not only examines the course of political life in the UPR or the state of self-identification in the society but also draws attention to Ukraine’s transition to the Gregorian calendar and Central European time, the funerals of Krutyans and victims of the «civil war», political arrests and murders, as well as other events and processes that are only seemingly unimportant.

Hardcover, 160 pages

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Contemporary history


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