Ukrainian baroque engraving: Master Ilya, Oleksandr Tarasevych, Leontiy Tarasevych, Ivan Shchyrskyi

Second edition, revised
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ISBN 978-617-7755-57-8

Professor Dmytro Stepovyk's book highlights the characteristic features of one of the world's artistic styles of the Enlightenment era, the Baroque style, on the example of the works of four outstanding masters of Ukrainian baroque graphics of the 17th and early 18th centuries - Oleksandr Tarasevich, master Ilya, Leontii Tarasevych, and Ivan Shchyrskyi. In the 17th–18th centuries, Ukraine gained a unique experience among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe regarding the organic union of Western European variants of the Baroque style with Ukrainian artistic traditions, and in a broader sense, the convergence of Orthodox and Catholic aesthetics in works on religious and secular themes. The author examines the Ukrainian Baroque phenomenon in detail, defines its essential and formal features in comparison with the autochthonous Baroque style in the art of Western countries.

More than 200 illustrations of various types and genres of engraving give an idea of ​​Ukrainian baroque engraving, in which area, in addition to the studied four most prominent masters, dozens of other engravers worked during this period. Hardcover, 496 pages


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