Ivan Mazepa and the Russian Empire. History of "betrayal".

The fourth edition, supplemented and revised
Ivan Mazepa vyd.4
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"The research of the famous Russian historian Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva provides an answer to the most pressing question concerning the activities of Ivan Mazepa: was he a traitor or not. Using materials from Russian and Ukrainian archives, the author examines the circumstances of Mazepa's rise to power, his relationship with Peter I, internal politics, personal and business relations with the Russian Tsar's foreman and entourage, and also analyzes the reasons for Mazepa's transfer to the Swedes (the ""scorched earth"" plan, administrative reform, etc.).

The book is addressed to scientists, teachers, students, as well as everyone who is interested in the history of Ukraine and, in particular, the figure of Ivan Mazepa.

The new edition is based on the text prepared by the author for publication in Canada in 2020."

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Medieval and Modern history
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