Little Russian Office

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Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva
ISBN 978-617-7755-28-8

For historical reasons, today the vast majority of documents on the history of Ukraine of the XVI–XIX centuries is stored in Russian archives, to which Ukrainian researchers do not have access. Therefore, today there is an urgent need to convey these documentary treasures to our specialists and everyone who is interested in the Ukrainian past, because their study will allow a deeper understanding of this dramatic period of the history of the Ukrainian state and to learn its lessons. The book contains descriptions of the "Little Russian Office" (Malorossiskii prikaz), stored in the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts. The descriptions compiled during the 18th–20th centuries provide a comprehensive overview of the composition of the fund, time limits and features, as well as the content of the preserved documents.

Hardcover, 496 pages.

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Medieval and Modern history
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