Samiylo Velychko «The Chronicle».

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Hennadiy Boriak
Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva
ISBN 978-617-7755-07-3

Samiilo Velychko’s Chronicle is one of the three best-known and most complete Cossack’s chronicles. It is a unique example of the early 18th-century Cossack’s baroque writing. Velychko, who was a clerk at the General Office of Zaporizka Sich Army during the times of Hetman Ivan Mazepa, had great opportunities for collecting historical materials. His chronicle, which covers events from 1620 to 1700, is more extensive compared to works of his contemporaries, Samovydets and Hrabianka. The author master- fully weaves into the text hundreds of documents from the mili- tary office, both unique copies and originals, quotes from now-lost diaries, and chronicles. The current edition, which is based on the original manuscript and its Kyiv edition from the late 18th cen- tury, gives a fuller evaluation of the events of the Cossack period of the Ukrainian history, allows to rethink many historiographical myths and clarify specific events. The book contains a fully recon - structed text of Velychko’s work, his biography, a codicological analysis of the original manuscript and its Kyiv edition, a histori- cal overview of the manuscript creation, storage and publications, historiographic and archeographic comments, a list of documents, literal and historical sources used by Velychko, geographic and name indexes. This edition is adapted for a modern reader and is intended for historians, linguists, experts in culture and anyone who is interested in the history of the Cossack era and examples of Ukrainian baroque literature.

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