Secrets of Cossack portraits

Second edition
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ISBN 978-617-7023-86-8

The publication contains ten essays on the history of ancient and modern iconography of famous Ukrainian hetmans, colonels, centurions, and their mothers and wives. In a fascinating way, readers are invited to find out which of the surviving portraits shows us the real Ivan Mazepa, to wonder whether Petro Doroshenko really looked like artists painted him, to find out why Ivan Samoilovych is depicted with his eyes closed, to find out what Ivan Honta really looked like, to imagine what a respectable hetman or colonel should have looked like in a portrait, and to investigate why portrait subjects are replaced. The book is addressed to scholars, teachers, students, and anyone interested in the history and culture of Ukraine during the Cossack period and ready to see our past through the prism of the amazing stories of portraits of its prominent figures.

Hardcover, 288 psges.

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Medieval and Modern history
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