Everyday life, leisure and traditions of the Cossack elite of the Hetmanate

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The publication describes in a fascinating and easy-to-read form, based on numerous sources, the household life, appearance, and clothing of the Cossack officers of the Hetmanate (17th - early 18th centuries). Attention is paid to the role of women of that era, who did not hesitate to intervene in serious political affairs, often leading their husbands and sons and demonstrating a wayward disposition. Separate chapters are devoted to culture, education, leisure, norms of behavior, and ideas about human virtues of the Ukrainian elite, which, although it borrowed much from the East and even more from the West, did not follow the path of mere copying but preserved and multiplied its own customs and traditions, creating a unique and colorful society.

Hardcover, 184 pages.

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Medieval and Modern history
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