Ukrainian Identity and the Language Question in the Russian Empire: An Attempt at State Regulation

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Hennadiy Boriak
ISBN 978-617-7023-37-0

The collection contains documents mainly from the clerical archives of state bodies and institutions that directly or indirectly responded to the manifestations of the Ukrainian movement in various fields: primary education, social and literary life, etc. The documents cover the preconditions, circumstances, and consequences of the emergence and functioning of the Valuev Decree of 1863, the Ems Decree of 1876, and a number of other normative documents that regulated the language issue in the Ukrainian provinces of the Russian Empire during the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Some documents are related to the implementation of these "prohibitive" acts on the Ukrainian literary language, one of the key factors in the formation of Ukrainian identity, by local censorship institutions. The lists of manuscripts banned from publication, as well as works printed abroad and illegally distributed in the Naddniprianshchyna, outline the contours of the powerful educational and literary body of the Ukrainian Word, which for several decades broke through censorship bans in various forms. Most of the documents are published for the first time.

Hardcover, 872 pages.

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Medieval and Modern history
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